Ecstatic Summerflow - DJ Jeronysos

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€ 15,00 (inclusief 21% btw)
Voorraad 29 stuks

Enjoy the dance at this beautiful location at the countryside in Twente! 

Dancing today in compliance with the social distance measure.

We dance outside with headphones on, where you have space enough for dancing.

-- -Reservations are necessary !!!  --- We have space for only 30 dancers <3

Bring you own water!

Today: DJ Jeronysos / MC Karin

Entree: €15,00

Start: 20.00  (open at 19.30 )

DJ Jeronysos

DJ Jeronysos has developed his own style in the Ecstatic Dance community. He takes you on a musical journey from minimal music to profound vocal songs, classical music, from rhythmic tribal sounds (afro / shamanic) to up-tempo trance and electronic music.



19.30 Field Open, Be welcome and dance already!

20.00 Opening and Ceremony

20.15 Ecstatic Dance

22.15 Closing Ceremony


Ecstatic Dance Twente Guidelines:

1. No talking on the grass.

2. Drug-Free, Smoke-Free, Alcohol-Free environment

3. No photos or videos, cellphones muted and out of sight

4. Care/Awareness for the space and each other

5. Move your body however you wish

6. Dancing today in compliance with the social distance measure.


What to Expect:

1. Next-level, conscious, inspiring electronic dance music

2. A beautiful sacred space

3. A safe space for you to dance freely in

4. Vibrant people who love to dance and love music!


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