Song of the Soul workshop with Ayla Schafer: 17 may 2020

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Doors open: 9.30
Start workshop: 10.00
End: 17.00
Landgoed AlGoed, Burgemeester Stroinkstraat 411 - Enschede
Tickets pre sale: € 75,00
Including: workshops, tea, small lunch and great company :-)
At the Door € 85.00

'SONG OF THE SOUL' workshop with Ayla Schafer

Each one of us carries our unique soul voice, a powerful and beautiful tool of expression gifted to us to connect and communicate with life. The Song of our soul is the intimate expression of our true nature, the spontaneous sound of our spirit. To truly sing is a journey of remembering, getting out of the mind, and trusting in ourselves as we surrender to the spirit of sound in us.

Our voice is the only instrument created by God, it is our connection to the truth of our being and to the prayer that we carry. We were born to sing.

This workshop is held as a ceremonial journey of deep discovery; unveiling our naked and untamed voice and awakening the power and free expression of our Souls song. We do not 'learn to sing', instead we unlearn and release the judgement, fears and blockages that hold us back from something that is our nature, so that we are able to get out of the way and 'be sung' as the hollow flute.

The journey is held by the guidance and teachings of ancient sacred ways and Ritual that remind us what it truly means to sing; together we will remember how to use song as tribal people have done for millennia, to connect to the source and speak with the spirit of life, to celebrate, to pray and to give flight to our intentions and dreams, so that we can step deeper into our soul purpose in this life.

Our voice brings us immediately into connection with ourselves, each other and the profundity of the present moment. We will be weaving between sound and silence, resting in the stillness from where our sound comes from; in doing so we return to the source of Life itself. This is a Journey of coming home to ourselves, our body is our portal, our Voice is our tool, our silence is our home.

'The purpose of music is for you to become who you are, to bring what is inside of you into play, to spin a vibrating thread through you into the world, to spark life...'

This workshop is open for all those who feel the call to sing. Absolutely no experience necessary 

- - - - HIGHLIGHTS - - - -

- Learn different exercises to liberate your voice and learn how to use the voice as a tool for healing, communication and free expression.
- Explore harmonies and improvisation
- Learn traditional-global-tribal-Accapella songs and chants
- Play with drum/rattle
- Explore vocal channeling of the elements of nature
- Work with traditional rituals that support us to ignite our authentic inner connection to the song within our own being and to focus our offering and intentions.
- Unveil the unique Song and Sounds of your Soul
- Space of rest, meditation and nourishment with stillness, silence and sound

Please bring with you:
- A drum and/or Rattle
- Water bottle 
- A pen and paper 
-Something comfy to sit on (Sheepskin/cushion) and a backrest if you have one
- A stone/crystal, some Earth and water (from your home or where you are coming from) to give as an offering


Ayla Schafer

Ayla Schafer is a multi-lingual ‘world folk’ singer-songwriter and a visionary musical artist from the UK, expressing through her music a passionate dedication to earth consciousness and the sacred ancient wisdoms. With a growing international presence she is a powerful voice in the world of ‘ceremonial/medicine music’ and the rising global community of people who are committed to residing in harmony with the Earth. 

Ayla is a passionate carrier of traditional songs and indigenous wisdom with a vision to inspire others to find their soul and hearts expression, inner guidance and earth connection using the power of sound and voice. She expresses her passion through her music, spiritual ceremonies, Workshops/Retreats, Women’s ‘Womb initiation’ work, one -to-one voice coaching, Drum Reiki, Sound Healing and Water Ceremonies.

Ayla Schafer

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