Red Moon lie down concert in 432 Hz with Marynka | donderdag 26 september 2019

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€ 15,00 (inclusief 9% BTW)
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Start: 20.00 h
Door open: 19.30 h
Ticket € 15.00 (presale) at the door: € 17.00
Venue: Landgoed AlGoed
Address: Burg Stroinkstraat 411- Enschede (Twekkelo)

The Moon, as a symbol, represents hidden, mysterious aspects of the self. It opens up the illusiveness of the real world and is generally associated with the feminine mystique, intuition and emotion. The Red Moon or “Blood Moon”, appears during a lunar eclipse when only a portion of reddened sunlight from the Earth’s circumference falls on the Moon. It is rare and intense. It was on July 27, 2018, the day of the Red Moon, that Marynka’s masterful performance was captured on tape. A few weeks later on September 1, during a 2.5 hour floating grand piano solo concert in celebration of the anniversary of the opening of Moscow’s Gorky Park, Marynka made her own musical history. The album was subsequently presented at the Venice biennial art expo “Personal Structures” by the European Cultural Center in May 2019. It is now currently on playback till November 24.  

A little more on Marynka and her music…

Marynka masters her own concept of Instant Music when she ignites a delicate intuitive connection with her listeners to create genuine music of here and now.
Once she started to experiment with scales and timbres, Marynka was eager to learn about music of other musical cultures. She collaborated and experimented with the musicians from Sakha and Tuva in Siberia (Ayarkhaan, Choduraa Tumat, Huun Huur Tu, Sergei Charkov). She also worked with a Hindustani sarod player Avi Kishna in Amsterdam, from whom she learned the basic principles of Indian modal music – the Raga. Marynka felt instantly at home in the realm of improvisation, as it is understood in Oriental modal music.
Her music is non-linear. It evolves in multidimensional space with its own gravity, altering the sense of Time and Space. She plays around a musical carcass, weaving musical threads around it ever so differently. Marynka fills the music with admiration of the moment, so that even Time can enjoy its own flow. Like in meditation, the listeners can immerse themselves in a deep emotional state, and free their souls from the dictate of intellect.

Marynka is inspired by Alexander Scriabin’s music and his musical mysticism. Her music is reminiscent of Satie, Debussy, but also of the composer George Gurdjieff/Hartman. Marynka believes in the healing power of music and is eager to share it with her audiences. Marynka’s piano is tuned to 432 HZ.

“Red Moon” is recorded and mastered by Attie Bauw, and produced by Maxim Chapochnikov in Amsterdam.
Duration 57 minutes, contains 13 piano pieces.
More information and links to Marynka’s social media on her website.


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