Concert | Soul of Mother Earth : Trance-Inducing world music - April 9th 2019

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€ 17,50 (inclusief 9% BTW)

SOUL OF MOTHER EARTH -  Dvora Gala Blu and Andesh
Venue: Landgoed AlGoed - Burgemeester Stroinkstraat 411 - Enschede.
Tickets: € 17,50  /  Students: € 12,50

Trance-Inducing New Age Psychedelia...… World music
In the love frequency: 528 Hz .

Conscious Awareness Through:
Poetic Lyrics, Deep Grooves, Experimental SoundScapes,
Hidden Mantra

In 2018 Dvora started a collaboration with Swedish acoustic guitar virtuoso and loop artist Andesh. Together they channel creativity, expression and consciousness through the power of sound and music to a unique audio visual experience with the intention of shaking the very core of your soul.

Beautiful Powerful Strong True Spiritual and Creative Spirits .......Here to raise the vibrations of all ..... Communicating through the heart.....

Dvora has a unique warm and dynamic voice, she takes hold of you every time. It is a one of a kind voice that rings out loud and true, whatever she sings you believe. She is a storyteller. a strong songwriter and live performer.

Dvora Says…..
Music – I sing and write whatever is in my heart and whatever
vibrates with me . For Me there are no rules , no rules in music, no rules in life. I am FREE TO BE ME. Free to express my creativity, with that bringing joy to myself and others.
Me – Yoga awakens the sacred geometry within myself, it is an ancient, beautiful physical art form……..
Us – We all have the healer in us. Lets heal our selves and our planet.

I Believe in Love Peace Oneness.

I will never let go of this belief.

Music is my passion… is embedded in my soul….

Music is the strongest form of magic…


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