24-03-18: Cacao Ceremony, Breathwork & Concert Jennifer Ann

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About Jennifer Ann:
Jennifer Ann is an indigenous folk singer songwriter from Holland and the USA. She has devoted over 12 years of her life learning about indigenous and traditional ways. She has lived and studied in both civilized and non civilized cultures and seeks to balance the best of all worlds. Letting all experiences expand and grow through her to be shared with the global community.

Jennifer Ann is passionate to weave and bring together her teachings and understanding of different worlds and lets them meet and dance together in her music, workshops and retreats. She has a background teaching in theatre, kundalini yoga, hatha yoga, yoga therapy and children’s yoga. She is strongly drawn to community and natural lifestyle and has also visited tribes around the globe and will continue visiting and learning from different native traditions.

During her first yoga training in 2010, Jennifer Ann started to create music and has never left the music since then. She now keeps on searching, finding and creating beautiful songs woven from traditional music and her souls longing to sing and share high vibrational songs. By weaving her music with many different teachings, she is letting them grow into her own unique sound, that can be heard in her music and felt in her presence.

Cacao Ceremony:
Jennifer Ann has become a well known female ceremony leader and has joined and lead ceremonies globally. Her main medicine plant has become the sacred plant of the cacao. A tradition that goes back to the mayan and aztek cultures and that has quite recently found it’s way back into society. Ofcourse we know the normal chocolate bars, that we find in the supermarket and most of our kitchen cabinets. Yet the true power that can be found within the cacao bean has somehow been lost over the years. Through a very special way of brewing the (raw)cacao, Jennifer Ann has found a way to balance her feminine strength and direction into creating a safe space to journey into the self with a little help of the Cacao Gods and Goddesses. She uses, prayer, meditation, breathwork, music and dance and weaves all of her talents together in natural and fun way.
Cacao is a safe and non-psychedelic substance, with many healing powers for body, soul and mind.

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